Theme: The English language

Hello Karimunjawa! works in themes. It is decided that the first theme is to offer the people of Karimunjawa a chance to evolve themselves in the English language. This is necessary because tourism is growing rapidly. The project can be specified as follows:

  • Free lessons in the English language for the local people who work in tourism.
  • May 2017 a twenty week course starts.
  • Three main, job-related target groups are selected:
    • Guides, drivers, captains, rental businesses
    • Restaurant owners and vendors at the fish and fruit market.
    • Hostel owners and their employees.
  • Two hours of English classes will be offered per group per week.
  • Per group 30 adults can participate. Within each group two groups will be formed.
  • In 2017 180 persons can participate.
  • 95% presence and commitment is expected. If not, the participant will have to leave the course. If the participant is, during two classes, absent without reason and/or logoff presence and doesn’t work out exercises given, he or she will also have to leave the course.
  • If the first block of twenty lesson is successfully ended, it is possible to continue on a higher level.

To realize this project  Hello Karimunjawa! will perform the following activities:

  • Provide a local English teacher
  • Provide classroom
  • Set up and organize teaching materials in consultation with the teacher.
  • Promotion and campaign to recruit participants
  • Raise money in The Netherlands and Indonesia
  • All other promotional and administrative activities.

These activities contribute to the realization of the statutory goal.