Our organisatie

The executive committee:

* Joyce van den Muijsenberg (Chairwoman)
* Josephine Kobussen (Treasurer)
* Ingrid van den Muijsenberg (Secretary)
* Marij Kobussen-Aarts (General board member)

The structure of the board offers a good combination of knowledge and experience. All members are appointed for an unlimited period of time. The board emphasizes that the board members voluntarily take up tasks and receive no payment in any form whatsoever.

Joyce has already stayed in Karimunjawa for some time. She has a company of her own, Projectslab, in projectmanagement. Prior to this, she worked for Rabobank in sponsoring, donations and communication. She also had different functions in different foundations.

Josephine visited Karimunjawa several times and will also stay on the island for some months in 2017. After her study event management she held functions in sales support and organization. This very moment she works as a supply demand support employee. Josephine is in the possession of a TEFL-certificate, which enables her to teach basic English.

Ingrid spent her holidays in Karimunjawa in 2016. She is employed in marketing and customer services. As a board member in several foundations and clubs she has a lot of experience to successfully fulfill her role in the Hello Karimunjawa! foundation.

Marij is an English teacher and care coordinator in VMBO (Dutch junior college). She has a lot of experience in teaching and has a passion for the English language. In her role as care coordinator she organizes help for pupils who need extra support to be successful in their studies and future.