Our motivation

The Hello Karimunjawa! foundation is an initiative of Joyce van den Muijsenberg and Josephine Kobussen. During a trip through Indonesia Joyce, chairwoman of Stichting Hello Karimunjawa got acquainted with the island of Karimunjawa. Karimunjawa is part of a tropical archipelago of twenty-seven tropical island north of Java. The archipelago is still fairly undiscovered, but, in the near future, it can count on bigger interest of many travelers. Travel organization Lonely Planet proclaimed Karimunjawa number eight holiday destination in Indonesia.

Joyce decided to stay on Karimunjawa for a longer period. Very soon she came into contact with the local people. She was welcomed warmly, but to communicate was very difficult, mainly because they barely spoke English. The children in the street where Joyce lived, asked her to teach them English. Joyce started to teach a group of eight children. It started as a small initiative out of passion and of her own financial means, but in the meantime she can count on bigger interest of the adults on the island.

Learning English seems essential and necessary for the future of the people and the touristic development which currently take place in Karimunjawa. The people not only express the need to learn English but also the need for more job related education. Unfortunately Karimunjawa is not a prosperous island (yet), the local people don’t have the knowledge nor financial means to follow training or courses.

To contribute to a better future for the people of Karimunjawa Joyce founded, together with the other enthusiasts Josephine Kobussen, Ingrid van den Muijsenberg and Marij Kobussen-Aarts Stichting Hello Karimunjawa. By means of this foundation the local people will be offered job related chances to develop themselves further.

In 2017 the foundation mainly targets on the most important first step, learning of the English language. Besides that other skills will be offered, like working with computers, making websites, posters and flyers, set up a financial plan and own company.

The foundation mainly targets the adults working in the touristic sector, in other words, those who daily get in contact with tourists , like hostel and restaurant owners, guides, drivers and vendors at the fish and fruit market.

Hello Karimunjawa’s main target is to aid the economic development and self-reliance in the upcoming touristic sector on the island of Karimunjawa.