Give Karimunjawa a chance!

The Hello Karimunjawa! foundation sets up job-related projects for the local people in order to promote the economic development and self-reliance in the growing touristic sector on the island of Karimunjawa, Indonesia.

The foundation works on the basis of themes. It is decided the first theme will be to offer the people of Karimunjawa a chance to evolve themselves in the English language. Learning English is essential and necessary for the future of the people and the touristic development which currently takes place. This program runs from May 2017 up to and including September. After this the next courses ‘Starting your own business’ and ‘Marketing and communication’ will start.

The foundation mainly targets the adults working in the touristic sector, in other words people who daily meet up with tourists, like hostel and restaurant owners, guides, drivers and the vendors at the fish and fruit market.

Curious to the result of the first courses?                 See the results here!

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Help us

Would you also like to contribute to give the people of Karimunjawa a chance? All help is very welcome!

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The theme

The next theme is the English language. Which job-related chances do we offer the people of Karimunjawa?

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About us

Who are the initiators
behind the foundation
Hello Karmunjawa?

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